Cross Country Road Trip – Part 3 of 3

Part 1 of my adventure took me from California, across the desert, and into Salt Lake City, UT.  Part 2 of the road trip showed me the most spectacular landscapes I’ve ever seen.  While traveling across Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota, I finally saw real antelopes like in the all-American song “Home On the Range.”

Although Part 3 of my trip was less about site-seeing and more focused on seeing family and getting to my final destination, it was a fantastic route to end my cross country trip.

Part 3: Rapid City, SD to Washington D.C.

Day 5: Traveling from Rapid City, SD to Springfield, MO

870 Miles, 12 Hours – Well crossing South Dakota into Missouri was not too exciting – to be quite honest.  Nothing significant to report.

Day 6: Family Time at Table Rock Lake

My sibling settled down in Missouri a while ago.  Although I never grew up in Missouri or visited until my sibling moved there, I have to say the greater Springfield area is a great place for a family!  It is so close to the Ozark Mountains, lakes – like Table Rock Lake, and has a great Christian community.  Now not much can be said for my time here because I would like to keep my family’s events private.  But if you ever find yourself in the area go outside and explore!

Day 7: Springfield, MO to Lexington, KY

555 Miles, 8 Hours

On this leg of the trip my dad and I decided to stop in St. Louis to see what the hype was all about.  We decided to follow the trail to the Gateway Arch.  When we visited the Gateway Arch was under construction.  Regardless, it was a nice walk that led us around the arch and ran along the Mississippi River.  I wish I had some more time in this city, but it was easy enough to drive in to and walk around for a hour.

Now Lexington is gorgeous!  With lush trees, huge meadows, enormous barns that are bigger than any house I’ve lived in it is quite jaw-dropping.  I wish I would of had more time to visit the Bourbon Trail and do some tastings … this just means I’ll have to come back another time.  Downtown Lexington can be described as up-scale hipster meets southern charm.  We stopped in at The Village Idiot for some dinner and it was fantastic.  I started with a unique bourbon cocktail and then we shared some mussels, hush puppies, and an orange and fennel salad.  They also had a good selection of local microbrews and fantastic mac and cheese that I might just come back to try.

KY 1

Day 8: Lexington, KY to Washington D.C.

540 Miles, 8 Hours

The last leg of the cross country road trip was a blur.  I couldn’t help but reflect back on the various landscapes we crossed to get to the final destination.  Although I started on the coastline of California’s bay area, I now passed through the lush woods of the Appalachian Mountains.  I am so thankful that my father was able to make the trip with me.  Even on our last day of the trip, he selflessly helped me with my trip – even though it was his birthday!  Family is everything.  Even though we may bicker and have disagreements – it is key to remember that a family’s love is everlasting.

VA 1


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