A Note on Desert Sunrises and Sunsets

Early desert mornings greet you with chilling wind, sand whipping through the last minutes of darkness, and twinkling stars sprawled across the twilight sky that are highlight the entire sky.  After the last moments of nighttime relief, a beautiful and almost haunting painted sky emerges from the across the sand filled landscape.  After the sun greets the desert dweller it continues to rise, slowing everything and everyone down under its vast glow.  Mid day brings oppressive heat and frustration with every bead of sweat.  The day requires slow movements and a unique sense of perseverance to make it through the remainder of the day until the sun drops below the sand dunes once again.

…in between the cold nights and the blinding sunlight of mid day there are moments of god’s grace – sunrise and sunset…

But in between the cold nights and the blinding sunlight of mid day there are moments of god’s grace – sunrise and sunset.  These moments of the day are like moments of hope, encouragement, and a promise that any temporary discomfort is just that…momentary.  The skies are painted a unique combination of red, orange, purple, green, and blues.  The colors change and then fade with the continuations of time, but both the sunset and sunrise provide alleviation from the harsh environment.

I have worked in deserts quite often because of work and I am always so taken away by the colors.  Maybe it’s just my conception of temporary of relief, maybe I am just happy to have a moment to myself amidst the chaos of work.  I do know this, always take time to appreciate a sunrise and sunset.  Time is fleeting but we can still savor those temporary moments of God’s beauty by waking up early for a sunset and waiting for the sunset whenever possible.

So if you’re not living in a desert, or don’t plan to travel to any time soon, enjoy these pictures with a cup of coffee and some good tunes!  You deserve a break!

Desert 3Desert 1

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