A Letter to My Exes, A Forward to My Forever

To My Exes,

I’ve never reached back out to you and said thank you for our brief time together.  I’ve thought about what I wanted to say to you for a while.  I guess I’ve never had the chance, and probably never will.

So as I reflect on the bumpy road that brought me to the loving man I call my partner, lover, and best friend today, I figure I should let you know that I learned a lot from you.

– I learned that true love is not solely about physical affection and control.  To truly love someone, you must let the other be free and enjoy their independence.  Making time for one another, however, enhances your time apart because you hold onto the support and love your partner provides to you.

– I learned that screaming fights eat away at your soul.  Today, I take another approach.  We talk through our disagreements because it is better to work through an issue together.  Every frustration is not a battle of wits.

– I learned you cannot mold someone into the person you wish they could be.  I am sorry if I unduly persuaded you to act a way you were not comfortable with.  Be who you are always because God will provide you a soulmate that complements the true you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


// FWD: To My Forever Man

I wanted to share this letter with you because we share everything.  Although I was not broken when I met you, I was incomplete.  With your patience, support, guidance, and love I know we will always be there for each other.  I know we are not big fans of public declarations and broadcasting our relationship, because what occurs in our personal lives is a private, intimate matter.  Your love, today as in all days, is something to celebrate.

I love you.


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