Who Am I?

Who am I?

It’s a question I think my friends and I have asked ourselves once or twice.  Well at least it’s a topic of conversation I often share with my close friends after a few glasses of wine and while we are looking up at the stars around a campfire.

My Facebook feed, Instagram, and perception of societal norms advises me to be an ever-smiling, happy-go-lucky, submissive twenty-something “girl.”  Well I’m not.

This is not a post belittling those who share some of those qualities.  No, this is simply an introduction of myself to whoever may read this blog in a raw, unfiltered fashion.


I am a woman that is always on the move, looking for the next adventure, and constantly challenging myself mentally, morally, and physically.

I sometimes swear too much.  I am a little stubborn and I get frustrated when I don’t reach what I think to be “perfection.”  I am human.  Nonetheless, I am excited to grow on this road of self-discovery.

This blog will be a weekly post.  I hope to share with you lessons that I have learned through travel, faith, family, friends, work, outdoor living, cooking, and lots of coffee. So here we go!

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